“Nothing is so effective in keeping one young and full of lust as a discriminating palate thoroughly satisfied at least once a day.” Angelo Pelligrini (Italian Author)

When I began writing this column I kind of had an idea of where I was going and what I wanted to do. I figured that I like wine, I know what I like and what I don’t and that I could write about it just enough to inform others and put into words what I have always thought about wines and other things. I never dreamed that this would become a family affair. But now, with this writing I have to give propers to my daughter-in-law, my little girl, who actually reads this and I think maybe learned something from these pearls of wine wisdom.

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Mezzacorona is actually a large conglomeration of wineries in the Trentino region of Italy. Using grapes from local growers and water flowing from the Italian Alps which surround the area, this winery has been bottling its classic products since 1904. With fresh breezes an almost constant, blowing over the 400 lakes and glaciers, this particular region peaks at almost 9000 feet, making the climate cool and dry with strong sun to ripen grapes fully and quickly. Vintners here learned very early to plant varieties best tailored to their needs, making full use of what nature had to offer. Using what is known as the pergola method of growing, an art dating back to the ancient Romans, gives the grapes more of a unique, sharp characteristic. Since grape vines have no real support of their own, it is necessary to train them to keep the arm upright so the sun and rain can do its work in ripening and growing. The Romans were students of this, and developed a high trellis, or a pergola, to maximize the sunshine, fully use the earthiness of the soil and keep the fruit fresh using natural breezes to keep the skins dry. This method, handed down over the centuries, not just years, has been perfected and modified to adapt to an ever changing climate.

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a simple pergola

In this region, Pinot Grigio is truly the king. In fact, this region boasts of producing more Pinot Grigio than any other region in Italy. Grapes are still hand harvested at their peak to ensure a smooth, crisp finish. The aroma just speaks of freshness with hints of apple, pear and a touch of earth. On the palate the fresh fruit taste can linger just long enough so that the next sip is a nice reminder of why you took the first one. Clean and airy with great, balanced acidity this wine is a true underexplored value. It is the perfect wine to keep around for unexpected company or for a spontaneous get together. Since it is so light and delicate, it is best paired with lighter fare such as whitefish or roasted poultry. It is also perfectly served with a white or a vegetable pizza, which is how we enjoyed it. Light appetizers would also be a nice pairing. The flavor, the aroma and the balance will really impress and satisfy anyone who is just looking for a good bottle.

Something to remember here too about wine. You can read all the reviews, follow the various wine columns and magazines and research all the awards. There is only one way to judge a wine and that is by taste…YOUR taste. Everyone has an opinion and everyone’s opinion is subjective and worth something. No matter what you pay, no matter what you’ve read, no matter who told you what, if you don’t like it, it is no good.

On a personal note though, it is nice to know that I can actually have an influence on my children. That I can teach them something, give of my knowledge. Also nice to know that someone actually listens when I say something. Life’s lessons sometimes are hard to learn. That, in my opinion, is one of the reasons that God gave us wine in the first place. We can sit, visit, discuss and reason. But, during the good times, the really good times, we can just enjoy a glass of wine together, enjoy each other’s company and sip one of life’s great pleasures. Therein lies the secret of a good life…good friends, good times, the love of your life nearby, and all the memories you can make.


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