“Lemonade should be fresh. Wine needs to be aged.” Me (Old sayings have to start someplace.)

So, what’s in a name? Well, the name CHLOE is normally the name of a female and is kind of popular in some offbeat TV series. There was Chloe Mitchell from the Soap, The Young and the Restless, Chloe Simon from Disney’s 102 Dalmatians and then Chloe O’Brian from the 24 Series. But today, we will travel to Marlborough, New Zealand to talk a bit about a CHLOE of a much different kind.

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Marlborough is a region where winemaking has grown steadily over the years. So much figures into this, climate, the terrain and the soil all contribute to excellent conditions which almost always assures a superior product. Marlborough now accounts for about 90% of the region’s Sauvignon Blanc production, but the many brands are anything but homogeneous. Typically though, they are light and dry with fresh citrus flavors that can be very diverse and identified with certain brands. The Chloe collection is timeless, crafted from the finest grapes and blended to the exact specification of its winemaker, Georgetta Dane. Romanian born, Ms. Dane brings a sophistication to her winemaking with her European roots shining through. She is an award winning winemaker who in 2012 was bestowed with the title, “Best Woman Winemaker” in the International Women’s winemaking competition.

Sauvignon Blanc is made to be refreshing, with tannins and acidity and a bold, fresh taste. It is slightly aromatic, and the scent is very pleasant. CHLOE Sauvignon Blanc fits this description very well. It has the flavor, the aroma and the intensity, but not the look. In fact, this wine is almost crystal clear, and for that fact, I was a little reluctant to buy it. Fortunately, I decided to and that decision really paid off. This is an excellent wine to serve at dinner or with friends on the patio or by the pool. More on that later.

Growing up in Romania, Georgetta was not expected to attend school for very long. There was enough work on the farm and in the home, and most girls didn’t really get much of a formal education. This changed for her when a teacher rented a room from Georgetta’s grandparents. She saw a spark in this little girl and persuaded her mother to allow her to finish her education. This was a very bold step for them both. After getting a Masters Degree in Food Science, Georgetta and her husband decided to move to the United States and it was in 2014 that CHLOE, an ancient word meaning “blooming” was born.

I don’t like using the word ‘delightful’ at all. For whatever reason that word just never enters my vocabulary, I guess because it sounds too much like something my grandmother would say and it makes me feel old. But, I AM old, and that word applies here. This Sauvignon Blanc was bought on a whim, I liked the bottle. But it was one of those chances that worked out very well. It is clean looking, almost crystal clear and not half as light tasting as it looks. Its refreshing taste lingers on the palate just long enough and shows the influence of citrus and kiwi fruit. It is an excellent wine and a find as you go through your wine buying and tasting experience. If, indeed, education is life, this wine should be a small part of your imbibing education. It paired very well with a dinner of stuffed flounder and brussels sprouts but it would go very well with poultry or a nice light cheese assortment.

See the source image
A real good collection

Alcohol – 12.5%
Price – about $11
My Rating – 8.5 out of an unattainable 10 grapes


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  1. I have seen this one and it’s rather prominently on display at my wine store, that’s why I was hesitant to buy it, but after reading your review I will, I am on the lookout for Sauvignon blanc for the holidays to pair with shrimps and the like. Thank you for the review


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