“Carpe vinum!” ( from the Latin, “Seize the wine!”)

The history of the Tinazzi Winery begins in 1968 with the vision of Eugenio Tinazzi whose desire to establish a high quality family business dedicated to not only the production of fine wines, but also introducing an entire wine-making experience. Built on the shores of Lake Garda in the Veneto region of Italy, the winery was founded in 1968 making it a relative newcomer in the production of wines, especially in this region which is home to several other purveyors of wines. Eugenio’s son, Gian Andrea, currently runs the business. Interestingly he was only 18 when he began his career here, and his children, Giorgio and Francesca now help to supervise all areas of production. This is a true family business driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and the love of a very ambitious project.

See the source image
See the source image

Throughout the years the family has established wineries in Puglia and headquartered itself in Lazise, Veneto with the family estate still located on Lake Garda. Tours and cooking classes are available at the wineries and are very well attended by both novices and connoisseurs alike. But winemaking is the true family business and it is here, in the hilly hinterland that the vineyards grow, well exposed to the sun and nurtured by the breezes and temperatures moderated by lake Garda. These are excellent conditions for the grapes.

No. 3 Vinum Italicum (translated from Latin as “Italian wine.” Simple enough) is a blend of grapes, Corvina Veronese, Primitivo di Manduria, and Nero d’Avola, so you are really getting a diverse wine that represents the best of the “boot,” from Verona to Sicily. The wine is full-bodied and elegant beginning with aromas of black fruits, leather and oak. It will benefit, as most reds do, from about an hour or so in a good decanter to give it time to truly blend in the atmosphere of your home. One thing to note here is the weight of the bottle. Some winemakers feel that a heavier bottle will house a wine better and store better. This is about the heaviest bottle I have ever felt and while I am not sure that this theory holds, the product is excellent. In the glass it is a deep purple with tannins second to none. Slightly spicy with additions of vanilla and chocolate, oak and coffee make it complex enough but not overbearing. On the palate, this wine has a lasting quality that at the same time is inviting. Like all good reds, this is a sipping wine that goes best with a hearty meal like a good, well grilled tenderloin or with an appetizer like a good, sharp cheese like a Locatelli. We had it on Christmas Day with a tenderloin and it went very well. The spice of the wine paired perfectly with the meat and roasted vegetables, and we had just enough left over to enjoy another glass after dinner, which was a perfect lead-in to a cup of espresso.

As I have said so often in the past, if you can have a product of which your ancestors would be proud, you have something. I can say that Gian Andrea and his children have made Eugenio very proud with this wine. This dedication to quality can only be fed by a true love of the entire process and a respect and admiration for the history established here.
Alcohol – 15%
Price – about $34

As I said previously, the winery is open for tastings, weddings and events. But, if you prefer to remain here in The States, the experience is very rewarding. For myself, I would rate this wine a 9.8 out of an unattainable 10 grapes. Personally, I just feel that no one thing is so perfect as to rate a 10. Also, this wine was a gift from a friend. Maybe they get a 10.


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