This is a new bottle which I found quite by accident. Fortunately for me though, it was a very pleasant surprise! Suffice it to say that this product of the wine valleys of Italy was and is still a mystery to me. This wine is classed as a Vini di Tavola or a table wine, common for everyday use.

Ordinarily I will find a wine that I like and make some notes. Then do some research looking for a history of the family or the company that produces and bottles it. I try to go into detail about the grapes used, the crushing and aging process as well as the family and the experience involved. I also try to include a picture of the winery. Unfortunately, for this wine, none of that seems to exist, so I am left to shoot from the lip about it. Now with the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up it may not be a great time to experiment. You may want to go for something more familiar. But this is a wine you can buy now and store away for another occasion, like say, the celebration of sunset, or the festival of the high tide.

At first it was the bottle’s label which caught my eye. As it states in the title, this is a private edition, which normally means it is produced in limited quantities, with some special fermentation methods used. Private stock is usually aged for a time in oak barrels which themselves have some history to them as they are used and cleaned over and over again. Sometimes whiskeys or bourbons were fermented previously in these barrels and that will affect the flavor. Also, a private stock will usually contain only one, or a very select blend of grapes which reflects on the preferences of the maker.

This is a very dry red wine, leaning to a Sangiovese. It does have kind of a fruity flavor, maybe some plum and blackberries, and a very slight hint of dark chocolate. This all makes for a deep burgundy color and a strong but pleasant bouquet. In the glass the color is quite beautiful when the light hits it just right, so it looks inviting. Fairly strong tannins and slight acidity will add to the whole experience as this wine stays with you long after the first sip. And make no mistake. This is a sipping wine. We enjoyed it both at dinner and then sitting outside on a sunny day with some friends. We still have some of those here in North Carolina and will hopefully for a while, at least until mid-January when winter comes in.

If you look at all this wine has to offer, flavor, bouquet and all, I think you will find it a great value and a wonderful experience. Pair it with a smoked pork shoulder or even lamb and you will certainly not be disappointed. But, if you have a good strong cheese, Locatelli or a well aged Romano, I think you will really appreciate it even more.

At about $10 per bottle, less on sale, it is a very good, high quality wine which just happens to be reasonably priced. I would like to find out more about where it comes from and who produces it and if I do I will publish it later. Until then it will just be one of the great mysteries of the wine life. As far as a rating, I would give this wine a strong 7.5 out of an unattainable 10 grapes. So, enjoy it, responsibly of course, and just be satisfied that someone, somewhere produces it and we now have the honor, if not the obligation, to consume it!

Alcohol – 14%
Price – a value, in fact a steal at $10

Comments? Please feel free to leave a comment here. I will respond if you’d like.

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Retired and loving life in North Carolina. Writing was always an interest, so I decided to give this a try. Former teacher, Wall Street Brokerage Associate and Postmaster for USPS.


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