“Who drinks well sleeps well; who sleeps well, does nothing wrong; who does nothing wrong goes in paradise; so let’s drink well until we die”. Venetian Proverb

Once again I have found a wine with roots going back to the time of the Roman Empire with modern techniques handed down through generations. This agricultural company is located in the northeastern part of the province of Veneto where so many of the world’s wines come from. This area was built for winemaking as all of the parts, climate, terrain and expertise merge.


The Francesco family estate was founded in 1968 by Salamon Francesco, an agriculturalist who was most interested in growing wheat, corn and soy. Over the years the family branched out, and like most in the area, took to viticulture growing a local variety of Reboso grapes and over the next two decades they became known for producing small amounts of very enjoyable, drinkable reds. By the late 1980’s the family realized that they could also grow some exceptional Glera grapes used to make a high quality Prosecco. Today, Gianluca Salamon oversees the estate and presides over the organic growing of Pino Bianco, Pinot Nero and Pinot Grigio in addition to Glera.

Pinot Grigio has become a favorite in our household not only because of the flavor. This type of wine is readily available in our area but it is also very versatile, as it can be served any time and for any occasion. Nomalas is one of the rare finds though that can go to the front of the tasting line. Upon uncorking the bottle there is an aroma of freshness. Hints of lemon, rind and some peach raise the bar in this area. In the glass, think of the moon on a clear, cloudless night, when it shines an unmistakable yellow hue. That is the color you will see here. Maybe a little dark for a Pinot Grigio, but very beautiful. As an aside, and I didn’t try this, but I can imagine this wine in a decanter, unusual I know for a white, but sitting in the middle of your decorated dining table with light reflecting. This wine could become a conversation piece. It is kind of deceiving due to the color. It looks heavier than it is. Further, this being the Christmas Season, any red reflection or background would make a stunning presentation. On the palate there is a very slight effervescence and a crisp, clean taste. Light and refreshing with enough citrus and a tinge of green apple, this wine would pair perfectly with white fish or poultry. Thinking ahead, owing to my Italian heritage, Christmas Eve is also known as The Feast of the Seven Fishes. This wine would be a perfect accompaniment.

Being from the Veneto Region you can be sure that this is a quality wine. The region specializes in excellent wines owing to its climate and location, but tradition is also important and respected. Now, tradition is a great thing especially in winemaking. It is revered and this winery is a perfect example of that. Currently they produce not only Pinot Grigio, but Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero as well and each one of them is a quality beverage. Personally, on a scale of one to an unattainable ten grapes, I would rate this wine as a solid 8.5.

Alcohol – 11.5%
Price – about $11
Natural cork closure


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Retired and loving life in North Carolina. Writing was always an interest, so I decided to give this a try. Former teacher, Wall Street Brokerage Associate and Postmaster for USPS.

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