Something in me sparked this morning and reminded me of this. Originally published last March, I think it would be OK to rerun it. But, do take special note of the last song. Maybe not the best of the group, but the only one of its kind.

“Okay. So your heart is broken. Don’t sit around mopin’.” Once again I am going to delve into music with this writing. To be real, so much of the …


Published by JC home

Retired and loving life in North Carolina. Writing was always an interest, so I decided to give this a try. Former teacher, Wall Street Brokerage Associate and Postmaster for USPS.

2 thoughts on “MUSIC TO CRY BY

  1. As a short story writer, I can relate to the emotion behind this blog post. Music has always been a powerful tool for me to tap into my emotions and channel them into my writing. The idea of having a playlist for crying is particularly poignant, as it acknowledges the need for catharsis and the healing power of music. The last song mentioned in the post is especially intriguing and I can’t wait to give it a listen.

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