AAAAH. Tradition. The wearing of the green, parades, corned beef or ham and cabbage, potatoes and Irish Harp beer. So much tradition I can hardly stand it. But it’s all good, all fun and all steeped in history, if you can remember being taught that stuff. The feast of Saint Patrick’s Day is a ChristianContinue reading “HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY”


“Experience is by industry achieved, and perfected by the swift course of time.” William Shakespeare Valpolicella is known as a viticultural region in Italy located in the historic and romantic province of Verona, where William Shakespeare once wrote about two gentlemen. Wine has been produced here since the time of the ancient Greeks and currentlyContinue reading “ANTOLINI CORVINA 2016”

THE END of an ERA, OR, A SIGN of the TIMES

“Education is not a part of life. Education IS life.” This is a very different post than what I am used to. I will normally write about what I love so I confine myself pretty much to food, wine and entertainment. While I don’t view any of these things as a real passion I doContinue reading “THE END of an ERA, OR, A SIGN of the TIMES”


“La famiglia e tutto.” (The family is everything.) I’ve been writing this blog for a while now. While I do read the blogs that other people write, and enjoy them, there are now just too many to keep up with. But my focus here is to find wines that are good, versatile and most ofContinue reading “LA FAMIGLIA CIELO PINOT GRIGIO”