Prosecco vs Champagne, a Battle Royale

“Optimism is a mindset. Prosecco contributes to it. Champagne defines it.” (me) Tradition is such a great thing. It gives us a sense of our past as well as setting the tone for our future. At this time of year there are so many traditions that we call on to do that. Midnight mass, ChristmasContinue reading “Prosecco vs Champagne, a Battle Royale”

LUNETTA PROSECCO…a perfect diversion

Okay. So 2020 isn’t working out quite the way we had planned or hoped. That doesn’t give anyone a reason to hide his collective head in some trash bin and just wait around for the new year to explode. On the contrary, this is the dawn. It is Autumn. A new year is coming. TimeContinue reading “LUNETTA PROSECCO…a perfect diversion”