Prosecco vs Champagne, a Battle Royale

“Optimism is a mindset. Prosecco contributes to it. Champagne defines it.” (me) Tradition is such a great thing. It gives us a sense of our past as well as setting the tone for our future. At this time of year there are so many traditions that we call on to do that. Midnight mass, ChristmasContinue reading “Prosecco vs Champagne, a Battle Royale”


The Valpolicella Region of Italy is located in the northern province of Verona, just east of Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy. While the region has been made famous in history and theater as the home of Romeo and Juliet and also the home of Two Gentlemen from there, the region is also knownContinue reading “ZENATO ALANERA ROSSO VERONESE”